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Free Website Builder

A Comprehensive Guide to Free Website Builder

Using a free website builder for your blog: It’s no wonder that online presence has become a must thing for any business these days. Irrespective of niche, you just can’t accomplish success without highly-functionally website. Due to the availability of a free website builder on the market, it’s no longer a big problem to succeed online even for a beginner.

However, one of the most reasonable and often asked questions is, are they any good? And – which are the best free website builders? Asking which website builder is best for creating an appealing website without wasting too much time or effort is a good question. Some have even asked, does it come with a domain? All these are probing but reasonable questions to ask, so let us talk about it.

If such questions trouble you, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading the post to clear all your doubts associated with a free website builder.

What is a Website Builder?

Not so long ago, it was not possible to take your business online without knowing special technical skills. Indeed, to build even a one-page website, you need to have profound knowledge in web design and coding. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Types of expertise and skills required to be a blogger have changed. In our new world of drag and drop and the emergence of free website builders, anybody can be a blogger.

So, what exactly is a website builder is? It is a handy modern tool that allows everyone (even a beginner) to build any kind of website without any knowledge of coding. Whether you’re looking to build a single-page site or a robust online store, it’s no longer an issue, thanks to the website builder platform. With a decent website builder, you can get all the necessary tools and comprehensive instructions you need to build a website. Consequently, you can have a fully functional website without hiring an expert.

The only challenging thing here is how to determine a free website builder best for your business. Well, no worries, we are going to talk about those choices today, but first, the advantages.

Reasons Why You Need a Website Builder

Building a site shouldn’t be a difficult task. With a decent free website builder, you can have your website up and running in no time.  There are several ways on how website builder can save your effort, money, and time.

No coding experience required

If you’ve planned about building a website in the past, but got interrupted with all the technical steps, then a website builder is a perfect solution for you. Indeed, free website builders do not only save you money, but the hassle of hiring a web design expert. Not hiring an expert saves you money, time, and unnecessary hassles. And you do have to worry about any technical mumbo jumbo as a result.

Drag & Drop building

One of the key advantages of a website builder is a drag & drop functionality. With this feature, you can do simply drag & drop elements of your website to your template until you are happy with the finished product.  As a result, it provides you with full control over the layout and design of your site. Also, this way of creating a website allows you to build a website incredibly so fast.

Easy to make changes

Besides building your website in no time, making changes is even quicker. Rather than changing the HTML or CSS files to see how things look, you can just go through the settings or preferences to your liking. You will be able to alter things such as color scheme, insert images, font choice, delete sections, etc. with a click of a button. 

Considering the key advantages that website builders offer, it is fair to say that they are the perfect solution for small-sized businesses and individuals with low budgets.

Types of Website Builder

As mentioned before, the website builder is nothing but a tool that helps you build a website without coding. There are two types available, the offline and online website builder.

Online Website Builder

An online website builder is mostly offered by web hosting companies to help you create your own websites. Some even let you install alternative tools such as Content Management Systems. Most online website builders available require you to sign-up for a hosting company.

However, the range of features of the online website builder will differ from creating the personal web page content or basic social network. It also allows you the creation of an eCommerce website with free design, available templates, and a flexible platform.

The benefit of using an online website builder is that it is easy while using and running live on the web. With an online website builder, you can get technical support if needed from your hosting company through help files or chat.

Offline Website Builder

You can run an offline website builder on your computer where you can publish your pages to any hosting. Today, offline website builders are leveraging WYSIWYG to modify the code as well as cascading style sheets directly. You may even require CSS or HTML. Most free website builder software can be downloaded to your computer, and it will cost nothing.

The benefit of using an offline website builder is that the software runs on your computer, and thus, you can do your work even if you’re offline.

5 Best Free Website Builders to Use

It’s no surprise that there are many free tools available today, and there is no exception with website builders. Irrespective of the field, it’s possible to get a website builder with free themes. Indeed, many decent website builders offer an open plan.

We have considered several factors to come up with our list of top 5 free website builder. So, let’s explore one by one in-depth and find the right one for you.

1. Wix – Ultimate All-Around Website Builder

Wix is one of the most renowned all-around free website builders available on the market, with 110 million users. It is well suited for online stores, small businesses, personal portfolios, and restaurants. With its wide selection of 500+ templates (most of them are free) and a vast range of elements and tools such as social media icons, buttons, or galleries, Wix makes building a website quicker and easier than ever.

The biggest downside of its free version is that it doesn’t come with an ad-free tool. You must upgrade the plan for an ad-free feature. In addition to that, you are not allowed to alter your template once the website is live.

Domain Name & Hosting – With the free plan, you get the domain name. However, it won’t be a personal domain or aka your personal site address. For instance, it may look like Wix is a fully hosted platform, and it will take care of your web hosting to ensure that your website is secure and safe.

What’s more? Wix comes with in-built Google Analytics. They also offer additional apps or programs based on individual preferences.

2. Weebly – Suited for Small Businesses or Serious Users

If you are in the hunt for free website builder easy to use, look no further than Weebly. It comes with a similar kind of “drag & drop” feature like Wix, which is user-friendly. With its free version, you get a good selection of templates, covering most niches such as events, portfolios, business, and blogs. You can easily make your website live within a few hours.

With its free plan, you will have a tiny slide-up popup in the corner of your website, and that’s the only biggest downside of the Weebly free plan.

Domain Name & Hosting – You can have a free domain name. But your site name will incorporate “,” and so, it won’t be your personal website name.Hosting your domain with a website for free is possible with Weebly free plan.

What’s more? Its in-house editor features Google Analytics and SEO tools. With decent PayPal integration, digital gift cards, an automatic tax calculator, and a lot more, Weebly is a right and smart option for eCommerce businesses.  Also, it even offers mobile apps so you can track the performance of your site anywhere.

3. SITE123 – Flexible Website Builder

If you are in the hunt for free website builder best for tiny websites, SITE123 is the ultimate choice for you. Indeed, it is simple and easy to use website builder designed to help you get your business online in no time.

The SITE123 allows you to customize anything and provides a one-click installation wizard with templates and graphics. It stands out from others, especially with its excellent free image library, cerate do-it-yourself plans for building multiple pages. Plus, professional fonts for adding visual elements to your website.

Unlike Wix and Weebly, it doesn’t come with a wide selection of templates, and that’s the only biggest downside of the SITE123 free plan.

Domain Name & Hosting –Like other free website builders available, the SITE123 free version can help you get a free domain, but it won’t be your personal domain.But you can get a custom domain with its paid plan. Also, it offers a free hosting service to help you stay secure and safe.

What’s more? With the SITE123 free plan, you get access to Google Analytics, SEO tools, and ad-free features. Therefore, you won’t feel like you must upgrade to use the platform.

4. Jimdo – Ideal for Small Online Store

Jimdo is best suited for those who like to build an online store. It even lets you create a website in 9+ different languages. In comparison to Wix and Weebly, Jimdo doesn’t offer a great selection of template. But, the great thing about Jimdo is that there are no popup ads and banner with its free plan, which makes it an excellent free website builder for anybody looking to save money.

This one provides support for tablets and smartphones, and there is a mobile app that you can use to create a mobile-optimized website, also.

Domain Name & Hosting – Jimdo is a free website builder and domain access for free, but the domain won’t be a unique one. With its free plan, you get a free hosting service. Indeed, there are no trial periods – they offer free hosting for your Jimdo website forever. Moreover, their hosting service is secure and reliable to help you create a fully functional website.

What’s more? Jimdo offers SSL/HTTPS encryption, which means that your visitor’s info will be kept secure and safe for sure. Besides, you can integrate your website seamlessly with your social media accounts like a pro.

5. – Ideal for Blogging

A free website builder best suited for blogging, comes with all features needed to create a beautiful blog. In fact, it is a very commonly used free website builder that can help you build visually stunning blogs, sites, and landing pages. You can even place assets such as contact forms, embedded content, and videos on to the many WordPress pages.

When you first encounter it, it will show you a wide range of themes that you can preview to test out. Indeed, it is especially great for those with less design experience.

Domain Name & Hosting – This free website builder lets you purchase a web domain. If you don’t want to buy it, you can even run your website like using a WordPress-owned URL. This is the only one that offers domain without including the name of the builder. Fortunately, takes care of web hosting for you. There is no need to purchase any software or pay anything for hosting.

What’s more? If a WordPress platform or theme doesn’t give you something you want, then you can turn to a plugin, which is an add-on feature providing support for WordPress.

How Do You Create a Free Website Builder?

All the free website builders listed here have the same creation process, which includes the six steps-

Sign-up for a free website account (web domain + hosting)

Select a template you want

Add pages to your site

Customize your text or content.

Optional – SEO settings

Publish your website.

Choosing Your Best Free Website Builder: The Final Verdict

That’s it!! All these free website builder software will enable you to build an attractive website in no time, and without technical skills. All you need to do is simply log-in to use the site, and you can access most from any location.

All the website builders mentioned above come with a free version, try a few of them out if you’re still unsure of the ideal one. Consider what you honestly would like to get out of your website. I hope you are knowledgeable now to be able to make an informed decision regarding the best free website builders suitable for your business.

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