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How to Make Money from YouTube

In today’s Internet world, YouTube is one of the leading video sharing platforms, where around 5 billion videos are watched every day. It sounds surprising, right? As per research, YouTube is now as popular as ever, with viewers spending an average of 40 minutes on each YouTube visit session.

All this makes YouTube one of the leading social media platforms with the highest user engagement. But have you ever thought of making money on YouTube? If yes, then you are lucky because YouTube as a platform has created thousands of Internet millionaires. There are several ways on how to make money from YouTube if you know how to monetize the platform correctly.

For some people, YouTube is just a mode of entertainment; it is where they can watch web series, cooking videos, and many more fun things being offered by many talented YouTube video creators. But for all other people with a creative mindset, YouTube is also a source of substantial money earning platforms or avenues. Yes, you read it correctly. Several YouTubers have made millions of dollars from YouTube—and the burning question is, why can’t you?

If you want to learn some of the unbeatable and fantastic ways to make money from YouTube, this article will surely help you. But before engaging yourself in any of the money-making methods YouTube can offer, make sure that you are ready to work hard and put extra effort because earning money from YouTube is not a one-day game. It is indeed a long journey that requires strong willpower, hard work, and determination.

So, let us dive in and explore the 5 unbeatable ways or how to make money from YouTube-like never!

5 Unbeatable Ways, or how to Make Money from YouTube 

Earning or making money from YouTube is no longer exclusive to huge influencers or musicians. There are a plethora of opportunities for ordinary everyday people like you to make money on YouTube. However, you must be more strategic in your approach for this to happen or become a reality.

Have a look below the snippets of many and remarkable ways for how you can make money on YouTube.

1st, Apply for The YouTube Partner Program

The first and foremost way to make money from YouTube is by applying for the YouTube partner program. If you want to earn directly from YouTube, then you must partner with the platform first. Once you do, then you will be offered multiple ways to cash in. However, bear in mind that you must meet certain conditions and qualifying guidelines before being accepted as a partner.

Below are what those requirements on how to make money from YouTube entail.

You must live in a country where a YouTube partnership program is permitted.

an eligible area

Your videos must abide by the platform’s advertising guidelines

Your channel must have more than 4000 valid public watch hours within the last 12 months

You must have over 1000 subscribers

You must link your Google AdSense account to your YouTube channel

All these are the most basic and requirements to become a YouTube partner. The best way to reach these goals quicker is to post or publish more videos. The more videos you have, the easier it will become to get the viewing-hours threshold and subscribers’ required number.

High-quality, entertaining videos, unboxing videos, review videos, or vines are more likely to get high views. Therefore, it pays to put your efforts into planning and production. Specific niches will get you more views and subscribers. But do not let that be your motivating factor in choosing a niche. Choose a niche you are passionate about, a niche that you can produce quality and entertaining videos on because you know and understand your niche better. In the long run, doing this will lead you to more sustainable and enduring channel growth.

Once you meet all the requirements, you can then apply for “Monetization” by clicking into your profile and navigate to the monetization section. As a YouTube partner, you can earn money from ads before your videos, Google AdSense banner ads, channel memberships, and sponsorships.

Sell Merchandise to Subscribers

Another best way to earn money from YouTube is by selling merchandise to your subscribers. It is one of the easiest ways that allows you to earn money from YouTube. As a YouTuber, you must have many followers and subscribers before expecting to make real money from this platform. You can sell merchandise to your followers and subscribers and can make consistent income from your merchandise sales.

Two famous YouTubers, Report of the Week and PewDiePie, are successfully making an income from selling merchandise on YouTube. If you want to make money from this technique, make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips that will surely help you maximize your earnings.

Have a large subscriber base

Create a tagline

Know your subscriber demographics

Price the merchandise reasonably

Use limited edition merchandise

Apart from physical products, you can even sell downloadable like art prints and e-books. Always make sure to have a secure payment system ready before you advertise your products.

License Your Content to The Media

By licensing your viral content to the media, you can easily earn money from YouTube. If you happen to create an engaging and viral video with a mass appeal, every outlet will want to get their hands on the duplicate copy to replay it to their viewers. Even some established media companies can license your video if it can help them in any way to reach their customers.

All it takes is time, dedication, and creativity, and before you know it, you are on the driver’s seat earning money left and right. People are ready to pay you for any viral and useful video content that meets their needs. That is all it takes, folks, and when that happens, you have got yourself a fantastic way to earn money from YouTube. 

As a YouTuber or content creator, licensing your viral video is quite simple. All you need to do is:

Get your contact details updated on your “About Page.”

Sign up to a video rights marketplace

Get Your Fans Pay You Directly

Another best way to make money on YouTube is by getting your fans to pay you directly. Yes, there are multiple ways to ask your fans and subscribers to pay you directly. This way of making money on YouTube involves different income streams, but all of them have one thing in common- you must make it easy for your subscribers and fans to show their love towards you with their money.

Some of the most common ways in which you can get your fans to pay you directly are as follows:

Host live chats where people can pay you via Super Chat: 

Super Chat replaced YouTube’s previous Fan Funding option. The Super Chat option is only available to the YouTube partners while they live stream.

Encourage your fans to become YouTube Premium Subscribers: 

Whenever a YouTube Premium member will watch your channel, you will get a cut of their subscription fee. (You do not have control over this, it is done through YouTube.)

Encourage your fans to become your channel members: 

If your viewers become your channel member, then YouTube offers the ability to let your viewers pay you for it. (Your members are rewarded by receiving perks, such as badges, emojis, and other goodies from the channel owner.)

From any of these ways mentioned above, on how to make money from YouTube, you can get your viewers to pay you directly to show their appreciation towards you and your content. 

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Finally, the last way of making money on YouTube is getting engaged in Affiliate Marketing on YouTube. You do not have to be on Instagram or Facebook to be an “Influencer.” Affiliate Marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate passive income from YouTube. In this method, all you must do is promote the products and services of another business, and in turn, you will get paid by them in the form of commission.

Moreover, you need not worry about the shipping, inventory, and all other related responsibilities in this whole process because once you refer a customer, you will get paid. You do not have to worry about any other thing. You can place affiliate links in your video description and earn money from YouTube in the form of commission from your affiliate partners.

The Bottom Line

What have you found to be the most effective and easy methods for making money on YouTube? By reaching all the qualifying thresholds to qualify as a YouTube partner, the channel memberships, merchandise, and affiliate marketing, you can earn a substantial income through YouTube.

All the methods mentioned above are genuinely unbeatable ways to earn money on YouTube, and in most cases, will surely help you earn a lot of money from the YouTube platform. However, you must understand that this takes time; it does not happen overnight. Unless, of course, you get lucky and post several viral videos within a short period, which has happened to some lucky YouTube creators.

If you dedicate yourself and work hard at it, your chances of succeeding on YouTube are excellent. Thanks for reading, and that is how to make money from YouTube.

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