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How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online for Free

How to make money online for free is not just a slogan; it is for real and can be very rewarding. Whether you are seeking to make a full-time income or side hustle, there are several ways out there that anybody can earn money online. However, some of the great options require you to invest money to get started. The amount of money that you will have to invest can differ. You can start your blog for less than $100, but if you want to start an eCommerce website, then you might need to invest a few thousand bucks or even more, for your initial inventory.

But, if you are on the quest for how to make money online for free, do not worry!! There are some options out there to make money online without investing anything. In this post, we will walk you through all opportunities to earn money for free online.

Quick Overview: How to Make Money Online for Free

Well, the opportunities we are going to cover are categorized into three different buckets:

Online Activities: We recommend this category for people looking to earn a bit of extra money. Of course, online activities are easy and flexible, but it would not convert into a full-time income.

Start a Business: The good news is that there are some kinds of online businesses that you can start without paying anything, with literarily zero investment. All these opportunities can be done part-time at the beginning but can be turned into a full-time income later.

Work for Someone Else: You can work either as a contract worker or an employee for these opportunities. It can be done part-time and turn into full-time in the future.

Let us begin to explore each category in-depth to learn how to make money online for free.

Category 1# Online Activities

If you want a flexible way to earn some extra money in your free time, then these can be the best options for you. Keep in mind that you would not become rich with the opportunities listed in this category, but they can be an ideal fit to make money for free online. They deliver complete flexibility to work how and when you desire, and you can begin making more extremely fast.

Moreover, you can combine these opportunities and do numerous of them to get the chance to boost your overall income. If you are looking for how to make money online without paying anything, the options mentioned below can be decent starting points.

1: Take Online Surveys

When it comes to side hustles, paid online surveys always come into the picture. There are a lot of apps and websites out there offering reviews, and getting started is just a click away. Flexibility is undoubtedly one of the significant benefits of taking surveys to make money online. You can use great flexibility to work according to your schedule. Indeed, working only when you have a short amount of free time is possible. Even more so, some of the work or surveys may involve watching TV.

In addition to flexibility, another benefit is that anyone can take a survey – no need for any experience or special skills. The great thing is that you may come across some survey sites that even offer other ways to make money, such as watching videos, installing apps, or playing games.

People who want to boost their income from taking surveys are recommended to register for a few different websites. Each website will be limited in the number of accessible surveys, so leveraging several sites will raise the number of available reviews you can take—because more reviews mean more money.

The following are popular survey apps and websites:



Vindale Research

 Survey Junkie


2: Microtasks

There are a lot of different sites available out there that let you earn money online by completing small tasks. This can be things such as basic research, moderating content, categorizing data, etc. The jobs are quick and straightforward. You’ll earn a small amount for each completed task.

Like online surveys, microtasks are not the highest-paying side hustle, but it is incredibly flexible. You can register for several different tasking sites and work as much as you want.

To get started with how to make money online for free, join the following most popular platforms for microtasks:



Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

3: Test Websites

Another flexible way to make money for free online is through test websites. No doubt, companies need to acquire user feedback related to the functionality and designs of their apps and sites, and some pay people for providing that feedback.

 Below are the websites where you can register to be a tester:


User Testing


The amount of money that you earn relies on several factors. Generally, you will make between $10 and $60 per test. It will often incorporate recording video or audio while using the app or site.

4: Play Games

Like other options mentioned in this section for how to make money online without paying anything, playing games is also a flexible way to earn some extra cash. There are several ways that you can earn money by playing games.

For instance, Swagbucks enables you to make some rewards for playing games. Or you can take advantage of an app like Lucktastic that allows you to earn rewards for playing games.

5: Research

You can research to make some money online. The research opportunities available out there vary from simple jobs like finding or verifying addresses to much more comprehensive and detailed professional research. As the opportunities vary, the pay will also vary.

Below are the sites offering research opportunities to make money online:




Category 2# Start a Business

While the opportunities in the above category are decent for a small amount of extra money, if you are on the quest for something that drives higher income potential, the opportunities in this category may be right for you.

Even though most types of businesses will need some startup capital, there are options to begin legit companies with no investment at all. The following are the most popular options for how to make money online without paying anything in this category:

1: Sell Digital Products

Etsy is a popular platform for buying and selling handmade items, but it is even a great platform to sell certain kinds of digital products.

You can sell physical products on Etsy or other platforms like Etsy, but you will have to invest some money into the material to make your products. Considering that you are here to learn how to make money online for free, we will go with digital products that you can create for free.

Printables are the most popular kind of digital product for selling on Etsy. There are several different kinds of printables to create and sell. In addition to printables, items for digital scrapbookers and photographers are popular as well. This could include things such as print templates, photo overlays, and more. If you can create these sorts of products, then this can be a fantastic money-making opportunity for you. With some effort and time, it could turn into a full-time business.

2: Freelance Writing 

If you love to write and on the quest for how to make money online without paying anything, then you should work as a freelance writer. With a decent number of blogs and websites publishing new content every single day, there is a huge demand for writers who can construct that content.

The great thing is that there are opportunities in about any industry or niche that you can imagine. Still, popular sectors like health, finance, news, and travel will give more opportunities. While there are several different services one can offer as a freelancer, writing is one of the most popular. If you get a few clients who consider you to write content on a regular basis, then you will not have to look for other work to earn money for free online.

If you are interested in working as a freelancer written, knowing platforms to land clients is essential. Fortunately, there are several platforms to get started:


Blogging Pro



3: Photo Editing

If you’ve some Photoshop/Lightroom or photography skills, then you could begin a photo editing business. You could deliver your services to hobbyists or amateurs who do not know how to edit pictures on their own effectively, or you could offer your services to professionals who consider outsourcing their time-consuming area of the job. Some photographers who take large numbers of pictures consider outsourcing the editing as they do not have ample time to do it on their own.

You can even take advantage of platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to target your services to photographers who might be interested.

4: Start a YouTube Channel

With a popular YouTube channel, you could earn money from Google AdSense (ads on your videos), direct sponsorship deals and affiliate links in your content. This is how to make money online for free with your YouTube channel.

You can begin a YouTube channel on any subject that interests you. If you own a simple camera, there is no expense or investment needed to get started with this business. With time, you would undoubtedly like to budget to upgrade your equipment. However, getting started does not require investment. You can simply take advantage of your smartphone camera.

The most popular YouTube channels are centered on a specific subject or a particular kind of video. Choose something that interests you and begin creating and uploading videos.

5: Rent Out Your Stuff

You could think about starting a rental business to make money for free online. There are several different stuff that you can rent out, which include a room in your home or apartment, storage space, your garage, a parking space, your car, a boat, an RV, and much more.

When it comes to the rental business, it can be a cross between local companies and online businesses. The online aspect comes into the picture because people who rent from you will likely find you online or on the internet. There are numerous sites and apps out there like Craigslist to help people find things that they can rent. And all you must do is to list the things that you want to rent out.

Category 3# Work for Someone Else

While the opportunities discussed in the above category for starting a business offer a great potential income opportunity, you are probably going to need to make a lot of effort to grow the business. If you are on the quest to begin earning money online right away and do not have any interest in running your own business, then options in this category may be the ideal fit for you.

1: Become a Tutor

One tutoring can be a fantastic side hustle. In most cases, the pay is quite good, and you will get a perk of a flexible schedule. Even though there are some full-time jobs available out there, this opportunity is far better when it comes to part-time work. Even if it is not full-time, you can easily earn $20 per hour or even more.

Of course, the requirements for your work experience and education will vary from opportunity to opportunity. In some cases, you will need a previous tutor experience, and in some, you will not. The great thing is that there are opportunities for online tutoring or teaching jobs on all different subjects, although teaching English online is the most popular.

To get started with how to make money online for free via becoming a tutor, use platforms like, Wyzant, and Chegg and apply for available opportunities.

2: Become a Transcriptionist

For people with decent typing skills, becoming a transcriptionist is an ideal way to make money online for free. There is a lot of available transcription work, and it is very flexible. Most transcriptionist jobs enable you to work as much as you desire, and you can pick your hours.

There are several websites or platforms out there offering transcription jobs. In general, you will need to pass a simple typing test, and after, you can see available opportunities and apply for the ones you want. The pay varies significantly on these sites, but there is a chance to make decent money.

3: Work as a Remote Employee                                    

There are a lot of companies that hire remote workers. You can think about working from home for an organization in just about any field or industry. Being a remote worker, you will be a remote employee. One of the advantages is that you get a perk of working from the comfort of your home; rather than commuting to the office every day.

Don’t get me wrong; most remote employees get less flexible time as compared to freelancers. However, of course, there are some considerable benefits that you get with being a remote employee.

To get started with how to make money online for free via becoming a remote employee, get your resume ready, check out platforms like We Work Remotely, FlexJobs, and others specializing in opportunities for remote workers, and apply for the jobs that are ideal fit for you.

4: Work as a Search Engine Evaluator

Evaluate the results of search engines and make money online. Yes, you heard, right. There are companies such as iSoftStone and Appen that hire search engine evaluators. The work is very flexible and can be carried out anytime with a reliable internet connection. The pay can differ from opportunity to opportunity. Generally, search engine evaluators make $12 to $15 per hour.

There is a downside for this particular method of how to make money online for free, and it is that availability of opportunities is limited.

5: Work as a Bookkeeper

Do you have some experience with bookkeeping or accounting? If your answer is yes, then the answer to the question of how to make money online without paying anything for you is to work as a bookkeeper. This job can be done remotely. And even if you do not have any experience, you can still land an entry-level opportunity with minimal requirements.

Some bookkeeping opportunities will need you to visit the workplace every day. However, a growing number of organizations are hiring remote bookkeepers.

It is good to get some necessary experience or training by taking advantage of resources like QuickBooks. Then, use the platforms like AccountantList to check available remote bookkeeping jobs. Besides regular job opportunities, they even have a database of leading organizations that hire remote bookkeepers and accountants. The final step is to apply to available opportunities, and that is it.

Last Few Words:

Folks, these are how to make money online for free.

As you now clearly see that it is realistic to earn money online without any investment. All you need to do is to invest some time and effort and give it a try—the opportunities are endless. Of course, there could be more options out there, but in this post, we have covered the most reasonable possibilities to make money online without paying anything.

Try sticking to one for a time to see which works for you. As you gain experience and knowledge, explore more options that could earn you more money, and hopefully, an ideal match for your talent.

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